King Kong in San Andreas

King Kong attacks San Andreas


chase King Kong in Los Santos Downtown
- Main.scm mod inclusiv King Kong model
- Start New Game


This Main Mod includes some more additional features:

Play the GTA SA races with every car you want. includes also the Arena races -8-Track and DirtTrack

Get your car and tuningparts first in the Carsaloon in Ottos Autohaus.
Drive with any car or bike into red marker in SF near Ottos Autohaus to choose the race you want.

Car Saloon in Ottos Autohouse, car presentation on a turn table. - Tuning, - Open Doors and view details and a free movable camera, - Boost ramp jumping, - testraces


Based on a stripped main with Externscripts and Submissions.
A main without original storyline
All Features like Tuning garages, Cloth shops, other shops, casino games, other minigames, Billard, Dance, Lowrider Condition, Gym play, Girlfriends, ect. and Submissions like Vigilante, Firefighter, Truck, Queery, Races, Stadion Events, NRG-5oo, Beat the Cock, ect. are playable from Start
The best missions are playable any time, altogether 114
All Islands are free. Area51 have no doors. Game bonies are available, Oysters, horseshoes, Photo objects and Graffities are still available and can be picked up Most skills are pushed up
Gamestart in Grovestreet with 500 000 Dollar. All savepoints are activ
>>!!Start a new game!!