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The Car Saloon in Ottos Autohaus

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Car-presentation on turntable

Choose your car
Open Doors and view details and a free movable camera.
Boost ramp jumping


New Otto's Autos building - Model Mod

new logo sign,
light effects,
new uv-mapping of the floor for propper texturing
nice prelightning of the building

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San Vice

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in San Andreas

look for updates




  1. Mod-Help-Menue---For simple get to know the Features and their keys
  2. (Zum leichtern Kennenlernen der Features und und deren Tasten)
  3. New Missions, new Features---Music on foot---
    Session with new grill in Ryders garden
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  • GAMESTART IN GROOVE STREET with every lot of money, all important skills on 100%, all interiors and shops are open and quite San Andreas anyway. The best missions are playable any time, alltogether 116
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  1. 10 different gangmember of Redmans San Grove Fam and new tatoos and graffities
  2. Passenger DriveBy
  3. Teleport in tuning garage
  4. power locks (Zentralverriegelung)
    Cockpit cam---Pop up boot, trunk and doors(Tür-Haube-Deckel-öffnen)
  5. and much more


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makes the SA girls more beautiful

sortiment of ped-dff and txd

New grill model

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changes the chillidogcart

Download the simple model file
(Its also intergrated in GTA S-ACID mod pack)

Stuntlawn near Montgomery

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change only the countrye.ipl


download video 10MB

    San Andreas


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