List of New Effects

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Important for the coding:

You must consider if the particle have Playmode 0 or Playmode 1, 2
to decide which method is required for the script

Playmode_0 is shown for a moment, temporary, can run in a loop for some cases
use it in connection with this opcode:

064F: make_temp_particle_visible_and_remove_references 0@

Playmode 1 or 2 are durable till they will be removed (delete_particle)
can cause bugs and trails by speed if attached to vehicle
show it in connection with this opcode:

064C: make_particle 7@ visible

and remove it at any time with this opcode:

0650: delete_particle 7@


read more in Cleo Script Tutorial / Particle Effects


Playmode 0 - particle effects



Playmode 1/2 - particle effects