MODS for CLEO 3/4

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MRPC scripts

MRPC means Massiv Random Ped Catching

These scripts catch and keep the instance of every ped in players range to realize features related to the random peds in traffic
Note: You should only run one of such a script at same time, because,
if more scripts trying to catch all peds, it can cause conflicts

Bullet Show Time

Watch the kills in snapshot sequence and in slowmotion


The Healer

gives player the ability to wake dead peds


Wild Wild West SA
Wild Wild West SA - All peds on street fight against player
inkl. weaponring script



Features: New Effects for mission coding and cleo scripts
Nuke explosion, Fireworks, Inferno, Magic Dildo Effects, Lightning by Rain,
Laser, Colored Lights, Fireflash, etc....




Grenade Flower Launcher

GTA IV Grenadelauncher instead Flowers




GTA IV Rocketlauncher instead gun_cane



Kiss all Girls
kiss all girls on street


This isn't a MRPC script because the script catches only one female ped near player and release it after the function
but running a MRPC script at same time can also disturb


Mysterious UFO at Area 51
UFO fly over desert
and at midnight at area 51
between 23:00 and 00:00



Free Moving Camera
movable with mouse and ini file for custom keysetting



Missile Riding
Press backspace to let CJ riding on missile over San Andreas



This cleo script blocks the original Parachute Extern script und runs a modified parachute script
Controlling is same like original parachute and will be active if player is with parachute in air
Flying forward with parachute will be faster or downward will be faster
additional some hotkeys as well as the chance to do a looping in X-axis while skydiving



GTA IV Feature - FlyThroughWindScreen

Cj fly through windscreen like in GTAIV
if the speed of the car sudden and dramatically goes down

GTA IV Feature - Back-fire

Cars and motorbikes have a Back-fire effect by gearchanges
at exhaust like Infernus in GTA IV

GTA IV Feature - PayNSpray4Time

Time goes by while in Pay'N'Spray garage like in GTAIV


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