MODS for CLEO 3 and 4

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SAVE 256 Cars inclusiv Tuningparts and Paintjobs


This mod stores total 256 cars and their tuningparts, paintjobs, colors
This mod stores the car data in catchfiles inside of cleo folder,
no need to make a savegame




cleo script mod with neon objects and effect light addon

press 5 if player is in vehicle
to show a big menue full of functions




Tuning everywhere, attach neon tubes, attach neon effect lights, HyperSpeedNOS, Seaways, Driftsmoke Save 10 cars, Open Door Show, Animations, take wheel from trunk and install it, throw grenades, attach Missile Gun on car, Minigun, Police Light, Spotlight, Searchlight New effect.fxp, to display turnlights Engine ON/OFF, switch car lights, Passenger Driveby, unflip, undestructible, get Helmet and much more


stripped versions of Pimp my Car:

Pimp my Car final-simple-Tuning
small one, just to enable the tuning menue


Pimp my Car final-Tuning-Neon
medium script, to enable the tuning menue,
add neon, engine and car lights on/off and door lock





Car Saloon in Ottos Autohouse,
car presentation on a turn table.

- Tuning,
- Open Doors and view details and a free movable camera,
- Testdrive,
- Savepoint in Ottos Autohaus
- NRG500 in Ottos Autohaus



related Download:
New Otto's Autos building - Model Mod

New Otto's Autos building: Montanas Carstore DeLuxe

new logo sign,
light effects,

new uv-mapping of the floor for propper texturing
nice prelightning

click here to view gallery
click to view



play the San Andreas Races with your current car
customize the opponent cars
3 new Racetracks

thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail

set traffic density
includes also the Arena races -8-Track and DirtTrack
activate Racemenue by keypress or drive into red Marker at Racestartlocation
NFS Outrun race as additional racescript

Custom Vehicle Name Display
shows vehicle names of vehiclenames.fxt instead american.gxt

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AddCar spawner
just a carspawn-cleoscript which reads 20 vehicle IDs from ini file
usefull for GTA fans with MoreVehicles.asi
and HandlingAdder.asi


Vehicle Spawner Premium


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