Cleo Zombie Alarm

Zombies crawling out of ground


single extraction of GTASA-Resident Evil main
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and to find more fantastic fantasy models for GTA

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Download Cleo Zombie Alarm in 2 parts:


1.) REvil.img contains the zombie models

DOWNLOAD REvil.img at
copy REvil.img into GTASA\models - folder

2.) GTA SA Cleo Zombie Alarm

Cleo scripts, anim and data files


go to the street and press BACKSPACE to start zombie mission

Take care with starting or running other scripts during the mission also original extern scripts e.g. barbershop or foodstore
Zombiemission needs much performance because of managing 50 actors at same time
Entering shops can cause crash, its different, mostly it works and is really funny
Never crasht in AmmuNation , Mostly crasht in Chicken Bells