MRPC scripts

MRPC means Massiv Random Ped Catching

These scripts catch and keep the instance of every ped in players range to realize features related to the random peds in traffic
Note: You should only run one of such a script at same time, because,
if more scripts trying to catch all peds, it can cause conflicts

Bullet Show Time

Watch the kills in snapshot sequence and in slowmotion

It work not allways and not with every ped
It works only with peds on street, police, emergancy in off mission state
The red text "zoom" indicates that the script is catching your target
(the folder "without zoom indicator" contains the script version which don't show the red text "zoom")

Press B and S together to activate the Bullet_showtime function
Press B and S together again to deactivate the Bullet_showtime function


The Healer

gives player the ability to wake dead peds

CJ must have the medic skin
type LIVE to give CJ the medic skin
go to a dead ped and stand close to him, then hold L-key to awake the dead ped


Wild Wild West SA
Wild Wild West SA - All peds on street fight against player
inkl. weaponring script

type one of these 4 cheats on your keyboard,
choose between 4 different weapon settings for peds
EASY -peds have melee weapon
WILD -peds have fire weapon
MIXX -peds have mixed weapon setting
HARD -peds have MGs